10 Reasons Why You Should Select WordPress for Your Website in 2022

10 Reasons Why You Should Select WordPress for Your Website in 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Most Popular CMS

The CMS (Content Management System) is using on 60-65 percent of websites nowadays, with WordPress for 35 percent. This is massive. WordPress is becoming increasingly popular.

Because it is simple to maintain, user-friendly, safe, speedy, has the greatest admin panel, and so on.


WordPress’ market share is 43% of all websites. According to W3Techs. WordPress runs more than 35% of all websites on the internet today. Every day, over 700 new WordPress websites are launched, and the number continues to grow.

As of 2021, there are about 1.3 billion total websites on the web. More than 455 million sites use WordPress. And, with over 2 million downloads every year, WordPress usage continues to rise steadily. WordPress lets you create your website easily and manage it from any computer.

WordPress shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as long as it continues to draw such a wide user base. Your site will always get the most recent upgrades and new features that make it safer and more useful if you use the WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress also has a thriving community of WordPress developers. As a result, more than 55,000 free plugins are constantly available at WordPress.org.

However, WordPress provides dozens of free and premium themes and plugins to help you design and construct feature-rich, secure, and high-performance websites that fit your business objectives.

2. Easy to Use & Manage

Even if you’ve never worked with a CMS before, building a website with WordPress is very simple. Those just getting started are especially welcome!

To get started with WordPress, just select a theme that you like, install 2-3 suggested plugins, and then begin producing pages and other content.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers a variety of customization choices. This is what makes it so tempting to everyone to customize the website to their own needs! With enough practice, you’ll be able to add more complex components into your site’s style and feel.

WordPress is a fantastic platform that has a lot to offer even the most seasoned web developers. It is much easier to iterate on it rather than start from scratch, making it the simplest and easiest platform for beginners to develop websites on.

3. WordPress is free

WordPress is open-source software that is free to download, install, and use.

WordPress is now available for free. You will, however, have to pay for web hosting. If your website were a house, your web hosting would be the plot of land on which it sits.


You’ll also need a domain name (think of it as the address people use to find your property!). We strongly recommend Hostinger, the most popular web hosting platform available, because it includes a free domain name and SSL certificate.

Simply contact us if you want to develop a professional website.

4. Easy to Maintain

Those who have never kept up with website maintenance may be unaware that websites require constant attention. When utilizing WordPress in particular, bear the following considerations in mind:

  1. a) Regularly update your plugins and themes
  2. b) Keep up with new WordPress versions
  3. c) Backup Weekly
  4. d) Manage your site’s comments
  5. e) Optimize and secure your website

In practice, none of these chores should take more than an hour. If you need to save time, you may choose managed to host services.

If you pick a managed plan, your hosting company will perform various maintenance responsibilities for you. As a result, you can devote more effort to expanding your site rather than worrying about its performance.

5. Huge Community Support

The huge popularity of WordPress has previously been discussed. Apart from developers, the platform has a vast user community, making it the most secure and supported platform for getting help if needed.

Also, if you conduct your own investigation, you will discover thousands of WordPress-based online communities. There are many individuals available to assist you if you have any questions about using the CMS.

6. Numerous WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you’re new to WordPress, you might be unfamiliar with plugins and themes, including what they are! Let’s take a closer look at them both:

Themes: A theme is a template that may be used to customize the look of a website.

Plugins: Plug-ins are software programs that improve the functionality of your website.

As previously said, there is no scarcity of WordPress plugins and themes (both free and premium). As a result, there is a bigger selection of WordPress themes and plugins for creating a contemporary, safe, and functioning website.

7. Easy to optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your website obtains a high volume of visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. There are several things you can do to improve the search engine optimization of your website.

Depending on the platform you choose, you may optimize your content for search engine results either simply or laboriously. Yoast SEO, The SEO Framework, and an all-in-one SEO pack are just a few of the SEO plugins available for WordPress.

However, using SEO plugins is not required, but in our experience, they improve your website’s ranks and exposure.

8. WordPress provides Strong Security

No CMS platform can guarantee complete website security. Using a secure internet platform is critical since new security risks emerge all the time.

If you want to operate a successful business, make sure WordPress is always up to date. WordPress is always releasing new updates and security fixes, so keep your WordPress website updated to stay current.

Furthermore, you should select a web host that prioritizes security to keep your website safe at all times. Adding strong passwords and requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) are just a couple of the actions you can take to improve the security of your website.

9. More than just a blog

WordPress, as we’ve seen, can be used for more than simply blogging. WordPress is an excellent blog platform that should not be underestimated.

Bloggers are crucial to WordPress. Because of WordPress’s simple content management system, publishing, maintaining, keeping track of comments, and formatting your writing is simple. Over the years, WordPress has evolved and innovated.

With the release of Block Editor in 2019, WordPress has thoroughly captivated the attention of bloggers owing to its unique text editing features. It allows you to effortlessly change your posts and layouts, resulting in visually appealing blogs.

10. Website's Scalability

Building a website is simple, but scaling it gets complicated. As your website expands and more information is produced, your CMS becomes more vulnerable to strain. You will undoubtedly be able to scale it up if you hire a reputable hosting service provider.


Your CMS also plays a vital function. As a consequence, you already know that WordPress runs famous websites, therefore scalability should not be an issue while utilizing WordPress.

However, it is equally critical to remember that your website should be speedy. More than a solid hosting provider and a good CMS will be required. You will also need to undertake some maintenance in addition to the installation.

11. Multi-user capability

If you want numerous users to update a website, adding additional users is a simple task. Simply launch the WordPress CMS, navigate to the Users area, and create a new user. These individuals are then assigned their own login and password, which administrators can suspend or delete as needed. You may also give people responsibilities like Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.

Contributor is definitely the best choice for most folks. Others can add their own posts, but they cannot delete them or publish them. This will require additional effort for the administrator or editor, but it is preferable than granting someone rights they do not require.

12. WooCommerce Integration

If you’re creating an eCommerce website to sell products online, you can easily convert it into a store using the WooCommerce plugin.


WooCommerce is a popular choice for many online business owners. Which explains why WordPress is so popular for eCommerce websites: WordPress integrations perfectly with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce was created specifically to operate with WordPress.

13. Endless Design Options

Another advantage to use WordPress for your small company website is the variety of WordPress themes available.

A WordPress theme may let you modify the appearance of your website. Choosing and customizing a theme is one of the most fun aspects of creating a website.

It’s fantastic because you can include your brand and personality into the design and make it uniquely yours. Of fact, many WordPress themes make it simple for even non-technical users to modify the appearance of their websites.

14. No Coding Needed

You don’t need to be a web developer or designer to make changes to your website, especially if you use a plugin like Elementor.

However, WordPress makes it really simple to utilize. You can create and administer a whole website without knowing a single line of code. WordPress has drag-and-drop website builders that can accomplish almost everything for you.

15. Universal Dashboard

The WordPress interface makes it easier to understand and eliminates unnecessary complications.

This is due to the fact that the WordPress dashboard is universal and seems the same to everyone. Even if you install other plugins and modify the existing menu options (where you go to access a lot of your plugins).

And it’s great because it’s flexible.

When you login in to the backend of your website, you may adjust your dashboard to prioritize the data you want to view. You may check daily analytics, new posts, recent comments, and other information.

And there you have it! We hope this has demonstrated how fantastic the WordPress website builder is for small company owners. You may create an online store and accept payments with Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Authorize.net. And there’s so much more!

There are several advantages to using WordPress over alternative systems. The CMS is presently utilized by approximately 35% of the web, and new users are continually joining its network. WordPress may be easier to use than other platforms if you’re new to web development.

WordPress has a lot to offer if you’ve previously built websites. It enables you to create nearly any type of website you want by utilizing its plugin and theme with powerful built-in capabilities. Do not hesitate to contact our Expert WordPress Developers if you want us to create the most secure, feature-rich, and scalable website for your company.

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