11 key to be a successful freelancer in 2022

11 key to be a successful freelancer in 2022
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At this time, A lot of people want to do freelancing and earn money online
but do not often take the time to understand what it takes to be successful at it.

We will discuss 11 solid keys that will help you become a successful and happy freelancer in 2024.

1.Set Your Goals

Before you start freelancing, you need to set your goals so you know where you are headed early. One of the things you definitely need to figure out is your income level.
Are you freelancing just for extra income aside your day job?

Do you plan to do it full time?

Do you want to make a successful career on freelancing?

Take your time and honestly answer those questions.

The answers will help you stay on track no matter the distractions that may come along your journey as a freelancer.

2. Learn the right skills

Identify which skills are required of freelancers in your niche and create a plan to develop them outside your day job. Then, get some practice by taking on projects with your friends and network. These projects can eventually help you build up your portfolio, which you can later showcase to prospective clients.


3. Create A Perfect Workspace

Your working environment is also very important and plays a huge role in the quality of work you produce. Your tooling, seats, desks, lighting all matter. Make sure, outside sound does not affect your work. Yours might be finding a good co-working space or even renting an office.

4. Learn about Client's Business

I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t take the time to learn and understand their business, you would have a hard time pitching valuable solutions to their problems. The knowledge you gain from studying their business will show when you speak with them. They will see you as an authority and someone who can truly help them. They will be drawn to you.

5. Set Your Perfect Price

You need to set a good price for it. We recommend you set your prices based on 3 main factors: your own costs, market value, and what it contributes to the client’s business. Don’t set it too low so you don’t attract the wrong kind of clients or make your clients perceive you as being cheap. Don’t set it too high so you don’t also scare everybody away. Keep your prices realistic but never cheap.

6.Create A Professional Portfolio

You need to create a good, high quality portfolio that will attract the kind of clients you want. It should clearly show what value you can offer the clients without you needing to say a word.

7. Keep the clients updated

Authors are entrusting you with the work they’ve dreamed of seeing in bookstores for a long time, so it’s only natural they’ll want to know how the project is going. Follow up regularly and provide status updates.
Keeping your client in the loop will save you time by ensuring they don’t email every day asking for updates.

8. Build Relationships And Reputation

You need to build great relationships with your client’s. The better you know and understand them, the more effective you would be at delivering quality service (and potentially make even more money).

Maintain your integrity. Let your word be your bond and deliver good work every time. This is what will bring you the referrals to grow your business.


9. Have a strict schedule

One of the biggest determinants of your success is your schedule. You have to think well about it and then commit to it.

Over time, it will become a habit and you will be surprised at what you have been able to accomplish.

We recommend starting working from the early morning. It will be the best time for work also it’s very good for your health.

10. Make A Team

You could be an expert in your field or several related fields to the work you want to do as a freelancer. However, it is a wise move to know others (hopefully your friends or colleagues) who offer complementary services to you.

For example, You’re a Web Designer. When You have a project to do, your clients say he also needs a logo for his website which your will design. You can find your friends who are very good with logo design.
After that, you can earn more money from your clients. you can share 50% with your friends on logo design projects.

11. Learn New Things

Stay updated with the latest trends of your industry, learn new skills and connect with the community. Freelancing sites offer a number of skill tests. Take tests and add some brilliance to your profile. No skill can do alone. Learning relevant stuffs can provide huge advantage.
Suppose you are a WordPress developer. If you know how to make a website on WIX, Webflow, Squarespace, that will help you perform your tasks with more ease.
Improve communication skill to avoid misunderstandings. Keep studying and repeat.

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