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How to add Spotify music and podcast to a WordPress website?

How to add Spotify music and podcast to a WordPress website

The Spotify Web API and Spotify Widgets are two of the more well-liked ways to integrate Spotify music and podcasts to a WordPress website.

These are the procedures for utilizing Spotify Widgets to add Spotify music and podcasts to a WordPress website:

1. To use the Spotify Web API, go to the Spotify developer website and build an application.

2. Make Spotify widgets for the songs and podcasts you intend to include on your website. For certain music, playlists, or podcasts, widgets may be made.

3. After obtaining your Spotify widgets, go to your WordPress website and install and activate the “Spotify Master” plugin to include the Spotify widgets there.

4. Visit the plugin settings page and customize the parameters to your liking. This could entail altering the widgets’ design and look as well as turning on or off particular capabilities.

5. To show the Spotify widgets on your website, use the shortcode that the plugin provides. The widgets may be shown in the sidebar or footer by adding the shortcode to a post, page, or widget.

6. Save your modifications and check out your website’s Spotify widgets.

Use of the Spotify Embed Code is an additional method.

1. Access the podcast or Spotify song you wish to embed on your website.

2. Choose “Share” and then “Copy Embed Code” from the three dots in the upper right corner of the track.

4. Add a new page or post to your WordPress website. 

5. Choose the “Text” tab in the editor.

6. After pasting the code, select “Publish.”

It’s important to keep in mind that while certain themes may come with an integrated feature to display Spotify songs or podcasts, it’s always wise to verify the theme’s documentation or get in touch with the theme creator.

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