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How to Integrate GTranste plugin with WordPress website?

How to Integrate GTranste plugin with WordPress website

To connect the Google Translate plugin with a WordPress website, you may follow these steps:

1. Add the “Google Language Translator” plugin to your WordPress website and turn it on.

2. Visit the plugin’s settings page and adjust the parameters to your liking. Selecting the languages you wish to provide translations for, modifying the design and appearance of the translate button, and activating or disabling automated translation are a few examples of what this entails.

3. To show the Google Translate button on your website, use the shortcode that the plugin provides. The button may be shown in the sidebar or footer by adding the shortcode to a post, page, or widget.

4. Save your modifications and check out your website’s translate button.

5. For the plugin to function, you might also need to configure the Google Translate API key in the plugin settings. After you have the API key, copy it and paste it into the plugin’s settings page to save the changes.

7. You can also modify the plugin to display the languages you wish to exhibit on the website, the way the languages are laid up, and, if you like, add other languages.

8. Check your website after finishing the changes, and you should be able to see the translate button.

NOTE: It’s always better to verify with the theme documentation or get in touch with the theme developer before assuming that a theme has an inherent feature to display translation.

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