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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is designed for those who are concerned about the use of their personal information.

Read the Privacy Policy below to get a clear idea of how the information provided to visitors and customers on our website is being used online.

What kind of information is collected from visitors and customers?

Necessary information including names, emails, phone numbers, addresses are collected during the completion of various activities including registration, ordering, filling up of forms, submission of support tickets, registration of newsletters and giving of comments to improve the quality of performance / effectiveness / experience of the website for visitors and customers.

How is the information collected protected?

The information provided by visitors/customers is transacted and stored on our website’s servers by a secure network. Only a limited number of our specialized Developers are able to access it and are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information on a contractual basis.

We also tell the buyer to change all the information such as login information when creating the website after accessing it and we remove that information from our server.