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Top 10 jobs for a WordPress Developer in 2023

Top 10 jobs for a WordPress Developer in 2023

1. Theme Developer

Developing unique WordPress themes to satisfy a client’s needs for appearance and functionality.

2. Plugin Developer

Creating unique WordPress plugins to enhance a website’s functionality.

3. E-commerce Developer

Creating and modifying e-commerce plugins for WordPress, like WooCommerce.

4. Website Builder

Designing, developing, and managing content for unique websites utilizing WordPress.

5. Performance Optimization Specialist

Optimizing the code, decreasing load times, and putting caching technologies in place to make WordPress websites function better.

6. Security Specialist

Securing WordPress websites by putting best practices into effect, keeping an eye out for security flaws, and reacting to security occurrences.

7. Accessibility Developer

Putting accessibility principles and guidelines into practice to make sure WordPress websites are accessible to users with impairments.

8. Full Stack Developer

Utilizing all available technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, to build bespoke WordPress websites.

9. WordPress Trainer

Delivering instruction and training on WordPress development, covering the newest technologies, coding standards, and best practices.

10. WordPress Consultant

Providing clients with guidance on the most effective uses of WordPress, including design, development, and content strategy, to help them reach their business goals.

NOTE: These are only a few of the most popular careers in 2023; there are many more linked to WordPress that aren’t included in this list.

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