Top 8 AI Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Top 8 AI Chrome Extensions for Web Developers
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In this AI-driven world, every tech-savvy person should use AI-based tools, extensions, platforms, etc. As a web developer, if you are not comfortable with using AI, you will definitely face challenges in the future. So today, I will talk about 8 best AI Chrome extensions that will help you and make your work easier. These Chrome extensions will increase your productivity, make work faster, save your time, increase your work quality, learn anything very fast, and more. By the way, you definitely need to use Chrome for Chrome extensions. I hope Chrome is your first choice for a browser like mine. Let’s start.

Table of Contents is a powerful AI-based meeting assistant Chrome extension that can help you record and transcribe meetings and calls directly from the browser with unlimited transcriptions with one simple click. It will save your time. After Fireflies integrates with your calendar, it can automatically schedule meetings and send invitations. It will help you take notes when you are in the meeting. So you can easily focus on your meeting, Fireflies will take detailed notes for you. This extension is best for those developers who have multiple meetings and want to focus on their projects. improves your productivity. helps you write content correctly and quickly. It will help your writing process by generating quality text based on user input. will help you write your content quickly. Sometimes we face issues using the right word; will help you use a perfect word for your sentence. For blogs, presentations, emails, messages, etc., helps you simplify and speed up your writing process. This is very important because developers’ writing should be of high quality and fast, so the Chrome extension is absolutely helpful for web developers.

Just Read

Every developer always learns and improves their skills by reading articles. This is very important for developers. But when we try to read something, we see a lot of distractions on the article page like ads, sidebar, popup, etc. Also, we need to do something with the article if that is helpful. So Just Read will solve your every problem with just a click.

With just one click, Just Read will remove the page style, ads, popups, and comments. So you can easily read your article without distraction. You can also change the style, font size, and color with just one click. Also, you can customize the theme of Just Read. Also, you can highlight, remove text, add text, and change colors in the article using Just Read. You can also summarize your article. Even if you want to read a specific paragraph, you can easily do that by Just Read. Awesome, right?


quilbot-Top 8 AI Chrome Extensions for Web Developers by tiwebview

Quillbot is the best AI writing tool that helps developers improve their writing skills. It will check grammatical errors, give you writing suggestions, and fix your wrong writing. QuillBot is perfect for those web developers who need help perfecting their writing abilities. You can proofread your work in just one click, saving time and energy on essays, emails, notes, presentations, and messages. Quillbot AI algorithm provides feedback on grammar, sentence structure, and word choice, allowing web developers to write quickly and efficiently. Quillbot helps you write anything, even complex writing documents, perfectly and correctly. QuillBot is a valuable writing assistant for developers who want to improve their writing efficiency, accuracy, and quality. This is the most recommended tool for every developer who wants to write corrected and quality writing and improve their language writing.


Merlin is absolutely a game-changer for web developers who want to improve their workflow. Merlin is an All-in-One AI Assistant powered by GPT-4 that helps integrate plugins on the browser, summarize, AI writing, etc. It will help grow your social media, reply to emails, summarize videos, and scrape websites. Using machine learning algorithms, it analyzes your work and gives you the best result faster. Merlin helps you increase productivity and save your important time, which is most important for every web developer. So, if we talk about the features, then Merlin will help you with AI chat, copyrighting, chatPDF, webChat, Social media growth, Search enhancement, web access, AI replies, YouTube video summary, AI Art, and more.


visbug-Top 8 AI Chrome Extensions for Web Developers by tiwebview

Visbug is an open-source browser design tool. It’s built with JavaScript. You can easily edit and style any page as you want. This is very much needed for every developer when they face a problem experimenting with designing. Website design is definitely included in a web developer’s work. It’s like Firebug for designers. So, you should try it to save your time.


Glasp is the best Chrome extension for summarizing YouTube videos, web articles, and PDFs to save time, powered by ChatGPT (OpenAI) and Claude (Anthropic). Use this extension to save time and learn more quickly. YouTube videos, web articles, and PDF summarization functions are powered by ChatGPT (OpenAI), Claude (Anthropic), and Mistral AI. The main benefits are saving time, increasing productivity, and improving learning by using Glasp. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude reduces the need to watch long videos when you’re just looking for the main points. The summaries let you absorb information quickly so you can spend time on other tasks.

Code Climate

Codeclimate is a very valuable Chrome extension for web developers. It will analyze your codebase and give you feedback to increase code quality. Code quality is very important for web developers. Most developers write code and after some days they don’t understand what they wrote. So, this extension helps them increase their code quality.

So, I hope these 8 extraordinary AI Chrome extensions will help you in your daily work with quality, faster, smarter, productive, etc., and make you a smart developer.

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